A Guide to Marathon Spray Booths


Painting is one of the delicate arts, and it should be done by use of all professionals’ equipment to ensure the end product is appealing to the owner. Painting and airbrushing is very harmful to people who apply the paint and to the environment since it emits harmful substances to the environment. Marathon spray booths have been developed and give professional to spray paints and airbrush items without affecting their health and without bringing any dangers to the environment which can lead to air pollution. Marathon spray booths are designed by well-qualified engineers, and they can accommodate different items such as cars, trucks and other objects. There are various models of marathon spray booths and individuals should buy them according to their needs whether they have a small-scale painting or large-scale painting activities. If you are doing spray painting for fun or business purposes make sure you purchase a marathon booth to keep your health safe, the environment clean and have your spray work done in a close area where debris cannot get to your work. Find out for further details on this site right here.

Marathon spray booths should be well maintained to ensure they give quality services to the owner. It must be cleaned after every painting session, and no particles of dust or paint should be available in the booth. One of the most crucial areas is the filters for air inputs and extraction system, and they should be replaced with quality filters to ensure they offer maximum service to the owner and make the work attractive. In times of replacing the filters, the owners should make sure they order the filters from Marathon Company, and in most cases, they will give you direction on how they should be replaced. The marathon booth spray spares come with warrant and owners should not worry about the efficiency of the spare parts since they are always ready to owner their warrants. In other cases, the marathon company cab offers free installation of some replacements to ensure the spray booth operates as it was made by the manufacturer. You can learn more about spray booth here.

Marathon spray booths cabinets are fitted with extraction fans and filters which their purpose is to absorb harmful particles which are produced by airbrush paints. The filters are inbuilt, or they can be bought separately depending on the model of the spray booth. Marathon spray booth protects the user and other individuals who are around the environment because all substance of the paint which are harmful will be filtered before they are released to the environment. Since paints are highly flammable, marathon spray booths will protect the user from fire accidents while on work. Take a look at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spray_painting  for more information.


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